Have you ever found yourself wondering what is your Unique Souls Purpose?

Do you experience: 

👉 Difficulty expressing Soul Purpose

👉 Have trouble understanding certain Characteristics about Yourself

👉 Experience hit and miss results Manifesting?

👉 Wish you had Clarity on your Gifts and how to Create from them?

During a session:

❤️Experience a Profound Meeting with your Soul

 Reconnect the Flow of Information between the Soul, Higher Self and the Creator

❤️ Resolve Past Life Wounds

❤️ Learn Your Divine Purpose and Unique Blend of Gifts & Talents

❤️ Remember who You are and Rejoin your Soul Family

Each session lasts Two Hours / 350$ USD


My Approach

Before we begin each session I will guide you through a series of questions designed to help you express your most prevalent needs. 

What to Expect

These sessions are proformed during a deep meditative state.  You will be guided to go inward and reconnect to the parts of you that are guided by your Heart and your Soul.  Allowing you to regain acess to the parts of you that were forgotten through social conditioning.


Honest Results

By having a session , you are allowing yourself to release cellular memory and emotions stored in the body. All the judgements that we carry against ourselves, our should haves and could haves. These types of emotions affect our confidence in our abilities and alter our perception of our value as people. By releasing old regrets and resentments that are laying dormant in your cells, you feel free to connect to  your authentic self .  

Andréa Ruth Walker N.D.

Coach  / Trainer / Facilitator

Andréa brings enthusiasm and a positive approach to helping people find fulfillment and belonging in their lives.

Tailored programs/sessions are available for individuals, groups and organizations. In extension, Andréa Ruth Walker N.D. holds signature retreats in the Dominican Republic, and worldwide.