Is it Right for Me?

Have you ever found yourself unable to sleep? Do you fall asleep and dream all night about your worries and troubles, waking up unrested?

Your mind won’t shut off when you lay down and your sleep is filled with all your past days worries and cares or filled with all the cares of tomorrow? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the emotions associated with the stress and worries in your life and relationships leaving you tired, anxious, or worried?

What if there was a way to reduce the noise in your head without having to sit in a cave or meditate for hours? What if you could press a button and mute that voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough or that you can’t accomplish what you dream about? There is!

A Theta Brainwave Theta happens during a drowsy yet still awake period like just before you fall asleep, when you are just walking up or when you are daydreaming. 

Theta Healing Session is very helpful for letting go of old outdated beliefs and getting down to the root causes underlying your repetitive thoughts and actions and assisting you in resolving the undesirable patterns. This frees your mind to learn new and updated ways of viewing your past experiences, creating new neurological pathways and experiencing your life from a healthier point of view.

 A Theta Healing Session is interactive.  From a seated position we will be using Kinesiology Testing to help determine and find the beliefs and convictions keeping you stuck repeating the same negative thoughts, emotions and actions. With the discovery of the source of these patterns we can release and replace them with more desirable ways of interpreting and resolving our past, creating new more beneficial patterns of being. 




In person & Online sessions Available
Prices are in USD. *

2 SESSION / 60 MINS (SAVE $10)


In person & Online sessions Available
Prices are in USD. *

3 SESSION / 60 MINS (SAVE $20)


In person & Online sessions Available
Prices are in USD. *



In person & Online sessions Available
Prices are in USD. *

2 SESSION / 90 MINS (SAVE $10)


In person & Online sessions Available
Prices are in USD. *

3 SESSION / 90 MINS (SAVE $20)


In person & Online sessions Available
Prices are in USD. *

My Approach

Before we begin each session I will guide you through a series of questions designed to help you express your most prevalent needs. Using Kinesiology techniques we are able to uncover areas in your subconscious thinking that are creating repetitive patterns in your daily life and choices. As we begin to learn the root causes of these beliefs we will use a meditation technique to release these beliefs and change them for beliefs that allow you to have healthier, more positive experiences in all areas of your life. A Theta Healing session reflects an experience similar to a guided meditation with very specific goals in mind based upon your personal needs.

What to Expect

In life, especially as a child, our environment greatly influences our beliefs and our ability to live the life that we would like to experience, Theta Healing is a very quick way to create change in areas of your life where you are having difficulty achieving your goals and dreams. This technique is an interactive experience that is guided by the different memories that surface during the session. You may find various memories come to your attention. When this happens we are able to release the limiting inner blocks and emotions around the subject creating a shift in perception about your past experiences and allowing you to choose different paths for yourself in the present and future.

Honest Results

By having a Theta Healing session, you are working on your mindset and creating balance in your life. When we change our limiting perceptions we empower ourselves to create a life more inline with our dreams and goals.  

Meet The Creator Behind
Bare It Naked

Andréa Ruth Walker N.D.

Facilitator / Trainer / ThetaHealing® / Access Consciousness® / Integrated Energy Therapy®

Leading and alleviating people to bring to light their full potential. Andréa Ruth Walker N.D. is the motivating force.  Using a unique method, she will assist you in creating an actionable plan to LIVE and achieve your dream vision. Andréa brings enthusiasm and a positive approach to helping people find fulfillment and belonging in their lives.

Andréa is gifted with incredible intuition and will offer guidance, insight, and direction in every area of your life.

Tailored programs/sessions are available for individuals, groups and organizations. In extension, Andréa Ruth Walker N.D. holds signature retreats right where she is based, in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, and worldwide.