My name is Zsófia Fehér and I had a private healing (and coaching) session with Andrea. Only one session with her brought me so many results in so many areas of my life. She helped me to connect back to my body, my inner wisdom.
I recieved energetic clearings & healings for many lifetimes, ancient knowledge was integrated to my energetic body and to all levels of my consciousnes, and of course these brought immediate results into this very life in important areas such as love, abundance and friendships. I immediately recieved financial help and every day ever since I recieve money, and other types of help amd support from the most unexpected sources. I opened up more and deepened my connection with Ioving and caring souls, I met a twin flame soulmate and learned a lot about my personal and spiritual development and journey from this lifetime, also recongnised how far I have come, and how much I healed as a bonus I got a clearer picture of my soul’s path for this lifetime which helped me develop a new level of consciousnes and a new approach of healing through moovement like dancing and yoga. (Also I manifest like if i had a magic wand and I get daily insights and teachings from the divine intelligence)
So wow and thank you.
Im definitely up for another round!