Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are also known as the Book of Life.  They are a complete record of every thought, intent and action of all beings.

The Archangel in charge of the Records is Metatron, he sits to the side of God the Creator and directs Angelic Activity. By connecting with him  seeking his Protection and Guidance, we are able to access the records and recieve answers to our questions.

Acessing the records give you the ability to tap into:

❤️ Universal Knowledge

❤️ Remember the Talents and Abilities that you have and how to use them.

♥️ Resolve Karmic recurring patterns by viewing the root cause
❤️ Remember the future, see the results of the choices you are making
♥️ Ask your future self what information would help you manifest easier

Akashic Records Reading

Come prepared with three or less questions to which you are seeking answers and a pen & paper.  Answers from the rhelm of Spirit always come with gentle answers full of the vibrations of Compassion and Love.

Seesions last 75 mins and cost 150$ USD


My Approach

Before we begin each session I will guide you through a series of questions designed to help you express your most prevalent needs. 


What to Expect

Each persons experience is unique.  Some people hear direct messages, some feel a sense of knowing, some view the experince.  How messages present themselves to you is always the correct way. You may find various memories come to your attention and you are able to experience them from the perspective of  the Creator.

Honest Results

Akashic Records is a very useful tool when you are seeking answers to situations and reoccuring patterns. It is a very gentle way to recieve understanding and alternate routes to problem that are not in your current awareness. ArchAngel Metatron helps any person who seeks protection and guidance to release old negative emotions and memories that are slowing your ability to live from the fequency of Unconditional Love and Joy.

Andréa Ruth Walker N.D.

Facilitator / Trainer / Life Balance Coach 

 Andréa brings enthusiasm and a positive approach to helping people find fulfillment and belonging in their lives.