Beliefs are like Super Glue

Every time I have a project involving super glue I try to think of ways to avoid the potential Hot Mess of this incredibly sticky product. I find gloves, acetone, old scissors, plastic table covers, on and on…

I am sure that many people can relate to sticking your fingers together, your project to yourself or trying to pick out all the paper towel you mistakenly used in a hasty decision. 

We humans are communal animals, we seek to belong, with a partner, a family, a community, a country…. 

We carry beliefs on Historical, Genetic, Core and Soul levels. These beliefs are stored in the Subconscious Mind. 

Consciously, we seek change, expansion but Subconsciously we are running on all the different hidden Beliefs and they are running the show. The Super Glue Effect. 

Real change begins when we uncover the Hidden Believes, bring them to the surface, understand how they are recreating our Behaviors and replace them with Awareness. 

What if in just a few encounters, you and I could take a Limiting Re-occurrence and Create a change? A change of Hidden Beliefs that keep you choosing the same types of Relationships, Work and Self Sabotaging behaviour. 

Andréa Ruth Walker N.D.